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Construct Inc. provides steel fabrication services to the industrial market place; including power generation, wood pellets, pulp and paper, and chemicals. We also provide in-house detailing utilizing AutoCAD, CNC and SDS/2 with 3D capabilities.

What is the difference between AISC Certification and AISC Membership?

AISC certification and AISC membership are separate, and certification is not required for membership, nor is the reverse. Companies that become AISC Certified do so to demonstrate to their customers that they have the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures, and commitment to produce the required quality of work per AISC’s certification standards. Certified firms are audited annually by QMC in order to verify the effectiveness of their quality management system. AISC certification signifies that quality is built into a project, and not inspected for after the fact. AISC Certified companies also receive support from AISC via the “No More Waivers!” Program; are able to use the AISC certification logo for company letterhead, business cards, and websites; and are listed on the AISC web site in the certified fabricators directory. Approximately two-thirds of AISC fabricator members are certified, and approximately one-third of AISC Certified companies are not members (this includes companies located outside the U.S. who are not eligible for AISC membership).

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